What can you expect the first time you come to TUMC?

Come as you are. Our 9 am worship service is very casual, warm and friendly. A praise team will lead the worship, words are on the screen, and there is a big modern praise team sound. We sing songs you would hear on current Christian radio stations. After the music there is a message given by the pastor relevant to daily living. On the first Sunday of the month we have communion, anyone striving to be one with Jesus is invited to partake, but no one is required to partake. No one is “watching”. No pressure, just come and be. Bring the kids, they love the music.

Our 11 am worship is a little more formal in liturgy and hymn style, but we still encourage you to dress as you feel comfortable. The people are warm and friendly. Don’t worry, you cannot “do” anything wrong, so just come as you are and enjoy singing mostly traditional hymns out of our worship books. There is a nursery for babies and toddlers during this worship service, but if you would rather have the younger ones with you in worship, that is fine too, we have a smaller room in the worship area that you can be quiet with the kids or nurse babies.

9:45 am is Sunday School for all ages. All ages are growing together learning about the Bible. Drop the kids off for Sunday School and go to a class for you. Come as you are, but come. We have Sunday School for all ages from the young ones to the more seasoned adults. There is something for everyone.